Preparing an Instagram account for promotion

You can sell really cool products, use great marketing techniques, hire the best SMM people, but if your Instagram account * is designed somehow, all this will not work. The logic is simple: before you promote something, you need to create something. Therefore, the correct answer to the question “how to start promoting on Instagram*” is to start by preparing your Instagram account* for promotion. We’ll show you how to do it and why you need it.

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Why prepare an Instagram profile* for promotion
Your profile, account, page – call it what you want, but this is the first thing a person sees when he enters your Instagram *. Therefore, in 20 seconds (no more; remember the trouble of clip thinking and information overload) he must understand:

  • Who is there?
  • What’s going on here?
  • What does the person or company offer him?
  • Why is it beneficial?

Thus, the visitor will immediately be able to assess how interested he is in principle in the topic, and whether he got into your Instagram account by mistake*. You can consider your profile as the first advertising post or announcement – therefore, it makes sense to take the preparation of your profile on Instagram * for promotion very seriously. There is no margin for error; There will be no second chance to make a first impression.

Choose a nickname to create and promote an account on Instagram*
This is the very first thing you do when you sign up for Instagram*. Nick, he is the name of the account, must, firstly, be associated with an avatar, and, secondly, with your field of activity.

So, many companies that successfully promote on Instagram* simply duplicate the brand name – this is logical if the brand is already well known. For a personal account, you can use the last name, first name, as well as the field of activity and / or geolocation – but not all of this at once, because the nickname @valeriyaivanova_spb_krasota is much more difficult to remember than @nails_spb. Choose the items that are most important to you. Promote your personal account/brand on Instagram* – enter your name, promote the company – write keywords from your field of activity (this will be a plus for the account to appear in search results). If the business is local, as in the case of a beauty salon, enter the desired geo.

In general, you have 30 characters for a nickname – Latin, numbers, underscores and dots. Don’t think “Ah, I’ll register now with any nickname, and then I’ll change it.” Firstly, about a boat that will float, as you call it – this is not so much a joke. Secondly, if you are remembered by your nickname, and you change it, then a part of the audience will surely lose you.

By the way, do not switch from uppercase to lowercase characters – this is difficult for users, they do not like and do not want to make unnecessary movements.

It’s great if the nickname for promoting your Instagram account* is chosen from scratch with humor or some idea that will make your business stand out from others. For example, stylist and makeup artist Alina Uvarova named her account Both a pleasant “honey spoon” and a thematic “chest of drawers lie” are read here – after all, the stylist helps to sort and form the wardrobe.

Here it is, “Lie of the chest of drawers”
Here it is, “The chest of drawers lies.”
It is bad if the beginning of your nickname repeats the name of a famous brand. Example:

You have a cafe “Yabloko” in Moscow. You have chosen a nickname to promote your Instagram account* — @applemsk_cafe.

A user who starts typing it in an Instagram search* will first see other accounts with the word apple — and there are quite a few of them.

Account name

The account name is a bold line in the profile header. The name can (and logically) be written in Russian, Cyrillic, adding emoticons and symbols. For everything, about everything, as in the case of a nickname, you have 30 characters. Like a nickname, the name is indexed in the search. Therefore, it is also worth using keywords here. In fact, you need to define your own business in two or three words. Sometimes this is very difficult to do, but it depends on whether people understand what you are doing. By the way, you can use capslock.

In the name of the account for promotion on Instagram* it is undesirable to duplicate the nickname; let these two elements differ at least partially and complement each other.

If the description of the business is already sewn in the nickname, then use the additional characteristics that your product has in the name. It might look like this:


Name: a good option is “MASSAGE WITH BAMBOO STICKS”. The bad option is “YOUR BEST WAY TO RELAX.”

If you are preparing a personal account for promotion on Instagram *, and your name is already well known, then you can do as the stylist did.

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