5 way to ruin your marriage

Many couples strive for marriage for years, and manage to destroy it much faster. In order to maintain the happiness of living together for a long time, each of the spouses must work on relationships and, first of all, on themselves.

1. Living beyond your means

A wife can demonstrate her appreciation and respect for her husband by being careful with the family’s financial resources and by trying to make the most of what the family has. Constantly complaining about not having enough money and accumulating credit card debt is not the best way to say “thank you” to a husband who is trying to provide for his family.

2. Complain constantly

Bad mood happens to everyone, regardless of age and gender. But there are husbands who, having crossed the threshold of the house, have to listen to constant complaints about everything from an unsuccessful haircut and a broken kettle to unpleasant co-workers and loud neighbors. Constant negative emotions suppress the person on whom they are poured out. And the husband perceives constant complaints about life as his own inability to help the woman he loves, to make her happy.

3. Don’t pay attention to your husband

When children, parents, careers and friends, and not the husband, are at the top of the wife’s list of life priorities, the latter may decide that he does not occupy an important place in her life. Put your husband first. It may seem wrong and ineffective, but you will be surprised how much happier you will make both him and your marriage.

4. Use sex for psychological manipulation

A man needs physical intimacy, affection for his wife, and sex helps spouses fulfill these needs. Sex is a way to share your feelings and intimate desires with each other, but not a way to control or correct the behavior of a spouse.

5. Speak different languages

Women like to speak in hints, and men often do not understand these hints. You should not waste your time and try to achieve something from your husband through hidden and encrypted signals that he will not eventually perceive. Be open and talk directly with your spouse about your desires and thoughts. It is useless to the husband’s question “What happened?” answer: “Nothing.” He will not be able to read thoughts, but, most likely, he will understand the words.

But, if you are trying to solve your family problems, and are focused on saving your family by asking the question: “how to save a marriage,” then all is not lost for you and your family. And I fully support you in trying to keep what you currently have. After all, it is always much easier to destroy something than to build and maintain, so the preservation of a marriage is a more responsible and more difficult task than its destruction. I will help you save your marriage, because as a responsible and reasonable person, I want you to be happy. And you will never be happy if something constantly collapses in your life, including because of your mistakes. All that is required of you at the moment is to carefully read this article to the end, and then you will need to think carefully about it in order to understand everything that I advise you in it. And then the likelihood that your marriage will not only be preserved, but also strengthened, will increase significantly.

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