Wedding anniversary 5 years

It is generally accepted that the strength of marriage is tested over the years. The first test of “strength” of spouses takes place within 5 years after marriage

Wedding Anniversary 5 Years: How to Celebrate

An anniversary of five years of marriage is called a wooden wedding. The name is very symbolic: during this time, the husband and wife already manage to build a strong family that can withstand any “storms”. Namely, with such characteristics we associate a tree. Many couples by the age of five years of marriage “take root” – give birth to children.

It is also interesting that in the fifth year of family life, hard material is found for the first time in the list of wedding anniversaries. In addition, wood is a building material, so 5 years of marriage is a kind of pass to a more conscious and strong marriage.

If your fifth wedding anniversary is coming soon and you don’t know what to give your spouse, Depo will tell you about all the subtleties that this holiday is fraught with.

Wooden wedding traditions

For five years of marriage, it is customary to give wood products

A wooden wedding – 5 years of marriage – is usually celebrated in the circle of close people. A mandatory attribute of the holiday should be a tree or houseplant. An interesting tradition is to decorate the tree with wishes (they can be written on small pieces of paper) – that is why only those people who do not lie and do not envy your happiness should be invited to the anniversary.

When setting the table for the anniversary of 5 years, it is important that there are wooden objects on the table. You can also put a plant and pick up clothes in the color of a living tree – green, brown, yellow.

On the anniversary of five years of living together, you need to decorate the table with wooden elements

Another tradition for the fifth anniversary of family life is a wooden product made by the husband’s hands. Ideally, if the wife takes part in the process: she can come up with a product design, varnish it, or take on the creation of small details.

It is also a good tradition for the 5th wedding anniversary to plant a tree. If weather conditions do not allow this (for example, when the anniversary is celebrated in winter), you can buy a plant in a pot that will remind partners of this day and of their strong union.

A gift for a wedding anniversary of 5 years: how to please a husband / wife or friends
At a wooden wedding, it is also customary to exchange wooden gifts. It can be rings, souvenirs, boxes, kitchen utensils.

What to give a husband for a wooden wedding

  • A smoking man can be given a wooden pipe for five years
  • A man can be presented with a wooden sculpture that will look great on his desktop.
  • You can also choose your favorite wooden box to store tools. It will not only last a long time, but is also environmentally friendly, unlike plastic.
  • If your husband smokes, choose a wooden pipe as a gift.

Men who go in for winter sports will be pleased to receive wooden skis as a gift.
What to give for the anniversary of 5 years to the wife
For five years from the date of the wedding, a woman can be presented with a picture or a plant

It is not always easy for men to choose a gift for their wife. Having learned that they and their wife will soon have a 5-year anniversary (and what kind of wedding is complete without a gift), they begin to look for something to please their wife.

However, as practice shows, it is always easier for women to choose a gift, because most kitchen utensils are made of wood, and besides, many girls love plants, which in itself can be a good idea for a present.

A husband for his betrothed can pick up jewelry with inlaid precious wood. Women love jewelry, so they will surely be delighted with such a gift.

You can also give a wooden photo frame with your pictures from the wedding. Such a gift will remind your wife not only of that beautiful day, but also of your creativity and care for her.

Since women are lovers of updating the interior, the husband can give his wife a wooden coffee table with chairs or other furniture.

Husbands whose finances allow can please their beloved with a whole orchard. If not real, then at least in the picture.

Wooden wedding: what to give friends for the anniversary of 5 years

For a married couple on the anniversary of 5 years from the wedding day, you can give a bread box

If you were invited to a celebration on the occasion of 5 years of marriage, as a gift, you can choose a ticket for the spouses to a sanatorium, where they can enjoy the surrounding nature and improve their health.

You can also give a wooden bread box, which will fit into any interior in an original way. A kitchen wooden set of various spatulas and wooden spoons will not be superfluous in the household.

The plant is also suitable as a gift for the anniversary of 5 years.

When choosing a gift for a wife / husband or friends, always take into account their taste preferences. You can ask in advance what a person would like to receive and give a really necessary thing.

A 5 year wedding anniversary is a great occasion to imagine to yourself and your loved one how much you have gone through together, and your love has only become stronger. Do not forget that you need to show care and attention to your soul mate not only on an anniversary, but on a daily basis, because a reliable marriage is a constant work of both spouses for the benefit of their union.

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